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Applications and Licensing
It’s not enough to be a skilled shooter. You must be a skilled and informed shooter. If you want to remain lawful and compliant you must understand the gun regulations and expectations for your state. We are here to help you gain all of the knowledge and information that you need to shoot in excellence. Our certified instructors are able to help you get necessarily firearm licenses and navigate you through all the necessary paperwork and requirements needed to get your State Pistol Permit. We include workbooks, classroom materials, firearms, range time and ammunition.
FFL Transfer
ELG Firearms will help you with incoming and outgoing transfers. Please contact us for an explanation of the steps that you will need to take and a listing of our policies and fees.
Shooting Lessons
You have the willingness to learn and the desire to be a skilled shooter and we have the passion, skills, and the patience to meet that desire and exceed your expectations. Book a one-on-one training session with one of our skilled instructors today.
Customization, Maintenance and Cleaning
ELG – Firearms is happy to offer Firearm customization/ Maintenance & cleaning. Feel free to bring in your item or to call and discuss your needs. Cost may vary based on your specific request typical services detailed below.Cleaning Cost$25 for Handgun $35 for Long GunParts Installation/ Upgrades & Replacement Parts - $35 Dollar Base FeeParts & Labor can be added as additional cost.Optics/ Scope Mounting$35 Dollar Base FeeELG Firearms is not responsible for parts & materials that were purchased outside of the store. Proper fit and selection is important. You may have to drop off your firearms for these services although some jobs can be done same day. Please reach out to us for more information.
Notary Services
In our process to be the most informed in our industry and on a quest to be 100% compliant and regulatory we have added the much needed notary service option to our list of services. We are truly a one-stop-shop and can notarized any legal document. *Visit our East Hartford location for services